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THE one-stop-online-shop for pizza lovers in Canada, for the amateur to the pro pizzaiolo.

Here, you’ll find the BEST pizza ovens, equipment, accessories, ingredients, tips, recipes and everything else you need to make a standout pie ! Nice, eh?

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THE one-stop-online-shop for pizza lovers in Canada, for the amateur to the pro pizzaiolo.

What’s cooking at one of the largest pizza oven retailers in Canada?

Sleep like a log 🪵 : we got you! We always have a large selection of quality products that will fit your needs, budget and level of expertise. Oh and, don’t forget to check out our impressive collection of portable, high-performance, and easy-to-use outdoor pizza ovens. As we’d say : “ Let’s get things fired UP !”

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Have you heard of Ooni ovens?

Not only is one of the biggest and best retailer of Ooni ovens in Canada (for all the reasons mentioned above), but to top it all off, we looooooove the brand because…


In 2012, Ooni launched THE first ever outdoor portable pizza oven in history. It is now number 1 worldwide.


Their pizza ovens allow you to cook, in only 60 seconds, THE ultimate homemade pizza (a result that is simply impossible to achieve with a standard home oven or grill!).


The company impresses us year after year with ever more sensational, versatile and high-performance products.

Ooni Koda 16 is THE easiest to use large outdoor portable pizza oven, for the beginner pizza maker or for those who prefer la dolce vita to la vita dura

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Nice to meet you! We’re Christiana and Alex, two young entrepreneurs, living and working together, both obsessed with pizza and time spent with friends and family. We don’t pretend to be great chefs, but we devour (yup!) everything written on pizza and over the years we’ve perfected our pizza skills. Making pizzas brings us SO much joy that we hope, in all humility, to share with you the same happiness we feel. Together, we work hand in hand to create the best memories around homemade pizza !

Since June 2020, we’ve made our mark (and cooked the most epic pizzas along the way)

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