2022 Buyer’s Guide: Best Portable Pizza Ovens

We’ll start off this guide by letting you in on a little secret: Yes, it is possible to create homemade pizza that’s even better than restaurant pizza, but a REAL Italian pizza is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve with a conventional oven, BBQ, or grill.

We’re not the only ones in on this secret, the pros have been saying it for years.

But, when the time comes for you to buy a portable pizza oven, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are a variety of sizes (12” and 16”) and fuel options (propane or wood), and let’s not forget about all the brands! Perhaps you’ve heard of Ooni? Bertello? WPPO?

We (Christiana and Alexandre, owners of ThePizzaShop.ca) have created a complete guide to the best portable pizza ovens available in Quebec and Canada, so that you can find your perfect match!

Is Buying a Portable Pizza Oven Worth It?

Picture a crowded piazza in Napoli, where salute is heard mixed with the clinking of glasses, and pizza is enjoyed in its most authentic form. You could eat five whole pizzas because they would simply melt in your mouth.

With a portable outdoor pizza oven, you’ll be transported to Italy. Your backyard will be transformed into a bustling piazza! No need to spend money on restaurant pizza! Your own creations will be worthy of the best pizzerias in Naples. And nothing can top the joy you’ll feel when you make pizza with your own two hands, surrounded by people you love (pure happiness!). On that note, buon appetito!

Best portable pizza ovens
Believe the hype - Best pizza ovens

Yes, but I already have a BBQ. What makes a pizza oven different?

That reminds us of this one customer that said: “I already have a Kamado. Prove to me that a pizza oven will be better than what I can already do with my BBQ.” Well, we’ve sold ovens to Kamado owners and they all agree that pizza ovens get better results!


The main differences between outdoor pizza ovens and BBQs are their maximum temperatures and their preheating times. Portable outdoor pizza ovens are specifically designed to quickly reach (and maintain) much higher temperatures than a conventional BBQ. Say hello to 900° F in 20 minutes flat!

In only 60-90 seconds, your pizza will finish baking with a “perfectly” crispy crust. Just like it came out of a real Neapolitan pizza oven!

And that’s not even the best part! You can also use your pizza oven to cook other delicious foods like naan, vegetables, nachos, steak… The sky’s the limit!

Psst… check out Ooni’s cast iron skillets. One of the many accessories that let you cook more than just pizza in your pizza oven. (Tomahawk steak anyone?)

What Is a Good Portable Pizza Oven?

It’s not rocket science. The perfect oven is the one that meets YOUR needs.

A good portable pizza oven should be compact, easy to assemble, and powerful. The cooking method and price are also important factors to consider when finding your perfect pizza oven.

TOP 5 Questions to Ask Before Making a Purchase

Why Portable Pizza Ovens Are So Easy to Use?

Here are Christiana’s 5 reasons why portable pizza ovens are perfect for those who love the dolce vita:


  1. Because pizza ovens are ultra-compact and designed to follow you around, you’re able to easily bring a bit of Italy anywhere you go.
  2. It takes less than 5 minutes to assemble them: unfold the legs, put the chimney flue and cap in place, etc.
  3. Thanks to special technology, pizza ovens can reach 900° F in only 20 minutes, making it easy to attain the perfect temperature needed to bake a real Neapolitan pizza.
  4. You can bake your pizzas in only 60-90 seconds, making sure to turn them a few times for crispy AND mouthwatering results!
  5. You can create festive moments with your loved ones with a dish that everyone enjoys. Pure happiness!
Best portable pizza ovens
Best portable pizza ovens

Your Pizza Oven Capacity

If you’re looking for pizza nights that live up to your wildest Italian dreams, your pizza oven’s capacity should not be taken lightly!

If you’re more of a dinner duo or a small group (3 to 4 people), Alexandre suggests a 12” oven model. It lets you cook medium-sized pizzas (10-12”). With a baking time of 60 to 90 seconds, you’ll easily be able to cook several individual pizzas one after the other and still eat them all at the same time.

If you’re more of a large Italian dinner party person, a 16” oven will let you make bigger pizzas to share (14-15”). That said, Christiana wants to clarify that a 12” oven can also do the trick if you use it to make several smaller pizzas to share.

And if cooking all sorts of delicious foods in your oven appeals to you, simply make sure that the oven’s interior is big enough to fit elevated baking dishes.

The Power of Your Pizza Oven

Alexandre believes that one of the most important criteria to consider when buying a pizza oven is its power. In other words, its maximum temperature and baking time.

To bake a 100% authentic Neapolitan pizza, the oven must reach the ideal temperature of 900° F, cooking the pizza in 60-90 seconds. 

That’s how the best pizzaiolos make the best pizza: intense heat for a *perfectly* crispy crust.

And it’s even better if the preheating time is short (20 minutes). All you need to ask is “Hey Honey, are you in the mood for some pizza?” No sooner said than done!

A Good Outdoor Pizza Oven Design

The best pizza ovens are those that achieve and maintain these high temperatures. A good oven design is a must if you want to enjoy your oven all year round. That’s why here at Thepizzashop.ca, we only select companies with the best designs.

Alexandre’s key elements to look for:

  • A cordierite baking stone to absorb and maintain heat
  • Good air flow to be more fuel efficient
  • Quality materials that provide good insulation and better temperature control
  • A removeable door that’s easy to manipulate (if the model has a door). Most coal/pellet/wood-fired ovens need a door during the preheating process to reach the right temperature. For optimal results, it’s even better if the door remains in place during the baking process as well. That’s why it’s important for it to be easy to operate when it’s time to turn the pizza! A glass door, like the one on the Ooni Pro 16, even allows you to see the pizza while it’s baking.

Important Features for Pizza Fans ?


Oven Ignition

Propane ovens or ovens with a propane adaptor will light automatically with a button located on the back of the oven, like a propane BBQ.

Coal/pellet/wood-fired ovens must be lit manually.

Careful! Keep your fuel dry for easier lighting, no matter the season! Small starters can be useful for quick lighting.


Fuel Consumption

When using your Ooni, Bertello, or WPPO oven, whether it’s propane, pellet, charcoal, or wood-fired, make sure to give it enough fuel.

But what exactly is the energy efficiency of each fuel? How much should you budget for each use?

Everything you need to know is broken down right here!

Type of Fuel



1 pound/hour


2 pounds/hour


1 pound lasts 3 to 4 hours


1 pound lasts 2 to 3 hours

Type of fuel / Consumption

Propane: 1 pound/hour

Pellets: 2 pounds/hour

Coal: 1 pound lasts 3 to 4 hours

Wood: 1 pound lasts 2 to 3 hours

Christiana and Alexandre suggest that you calculate a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour for your pizza night (including the preheating time).

Portable Pizza Oven Fuels

Alexandre will rapido presto demystify the main advantages and disadvantages of the various portable pizza oven fuels.

If you’re looking for an easy, quick, worry-free experience, opt for a propane option like the Koda 12 or Koda 16. But if you’re looking to experience Neapolitan tradition, go with a charcoal/pellet/wood-fired option like WPPO’s Le Peppe. For the undecided, multi-fuel models like the Bertello 12 or the Ooni Karu 12 still have an authentic feel, but also give you the option to connect your oven to a propane tank for those evenings where you’re just in the mood to relax.

Authentic Taste:
Comparing Wood-Fired and Propane Ovens

That perfect taste that comes from choosing the right fuel can flame the passions of any pizzaiolo! Most pizza fans swear by coal/pellet/wood-fired ovens. Some go even further and say that it’s impossible to make a true Neapolitan pizza without a wood-fired oven.

This more “traditional” method of cooking will give you perfectly cooked toppings and a crispy crust filled with all the flavor associated with wood cooking. However, propane ovens follow all the tricks of the trade too: they can still reach 932° F (500° C), that magic number needed for a perfectly crispy Neapolitan crust. That’s enough to confound the most dedicated connoisseurs! Plus, with propane, you’re able to enjoy a simple, worry-free experience and amazing temperature consistency, so you won’t have to keep your eye on the oven. That leaves you time to focus on other tasks (like enjoying that lovely glass of vino in your hand).

Best portable pizza ovens
Best portable pizza ovens

If you already have a gas grill and appreciate the worry-free experience, a propane oven is more convenient, and the result will be remarkably similar. We agree with you; the goal is to enjoy yourself (and not be overwhelmed every time you go to use your oven)!

But if you think wood-fired flavors are essential for a good pizza, and *especially* if you’re interested in fuel management, then you should opt for a coal/pellet/wood-fired oven.

Remember, the best choice all depends on what you’re looking for!

Still undecided? Or maybe you want to try them all? If so, Alexandre recommends a multi-fuel pizza oven like the Bertello 12! This model uses propane, wood, and charcoal all at once! An impressive added value!

Pizza Accessories to Get Started with Your Pizza Oven

Ooni pizza peel

Pizza peel

Pizza peel, an essential accessory for placing your pizzas in the oven, turning them, and taking them out. Christiana recommends a perforated rectangular metal peel like ThePizzaShop.ca’s perforated rectangular peel.

79,00 $95,00 $

couteau bascule pizza kamado joe

Quality pizza cutter

Pizza cutter, an indispensable tool for easy cutting without the mess. We know, it’s a pain to cut pizza when you don’t have the right tools! With a quality pizza cutter, you can cut the pizza in one go! No need to pass over the crust several times…it’s a real gem.

49,00 $69,00 $

infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometer

An infrared thermometer that reaches 900 °F so you can monitor the temperature of your oven and your baking stone for perfect results. This is especially important if you have a pellet/charcoal/wood-fired oven or if you want to accurately monitor your oven when using propane.

39,99 $

Out of stock

Baking stone brush

Baking stone brush

Baking stone brush, a must-have for maintaining your pizza oven. With this tool you can remove the residue that accumulated from your last pizza/vino night (or in between baking each pizza) without having to remove your baking stone from the oven.

19,99 $

In stock

ooni karu 12 cover

A cover

A cover, perfect for taking care of your oven like it’s the apple of your eye, and for prolonging its life span! It’s super practical when it comes to protecting your oven from the sun and the weather (100% waterproof) or taking it with you on vacation.

Pizza oven starter kits

Christiana and Alexandre want to make your lives even easier, so they’ve created starter kits that have been tested and approved for 12” or 16” ovens.

Where to Buy Your Pizza Oven in Canada

Thepizzashop.ca is the only online one-stop pizza shop, for amateurs and pros alike, in Quebec and Canada.

We explain everything in detail on our About page.

Go check it out! It’s easy to read and filled with screenshots of reviews from our customers!

How Much a Pizza Oven Costs (Budget)

Alexandre has suggested two starting budgets, based on size, so you can enjoy your own outdoor pizza oven:

Budget for a 12 inches outdoor portable pizza oven

  • Portable pizza oven: $449.99 to $519.99
  • 12″ pizza peel : around $49.99 to $89.99

Total: starting from $499.99 + tax

Budget for a 16 inches outdoor portable pizza oven

  • Portable pizza oven: $799.99 to $999.99 + tax
  • 14” or 16” pizza peel: $79.99 to $199.99 + tax

Total: starting from $879.99+tax

Why Do We Love Ooni Ovens So Much?

Because Ooni is THE go-to when it comes to portable outdoor pizza ovens. And as you know, here at ThePizzaShop.ca we only offer the best!

Plus, Ooni accessories and equipment are affordable, so they’re perfect for thrifty pizzaiolos. And don’t forget about the extended warranty!

The Ooni Koda 12 is the most compact out of the two Koda gas ovens

Portable Pizza Ovens for Beginners

WPPO Peppe

For the beginner who wants to learn more about working with different fuels: WPPO’s Le Peppe

Le Peppe is the portable outdoor pizza oven that offers THE best value! It’s perfect for the pizzaiolo who wants to test out their interests and skills before investing more money.

We love it because everything is included (baking stone, WPPO’s classic peel, pellet/charcoal burner) and you can even use small pieces of wood.

The Ooni Koda 16 is the largest of the two Koda gas ovens.

For beginners who prefer the dolce vita to the vita dura:
the Ooni Koda 12 or its larger twin the Ooni Koda 16

The Ooni Koda (12 or 16) is an easy-to-use portable outdoor pizza oven for the beginner pizzaiolo. Why is it so easy? It runs on propane, so it’s much less complicated. The Koda is perfect for relaxing and enjoying yourself, whether at home or out camping. And because it’s compact, you can take it anywhere. It will be your most faithful road trip companion.

  • The Koda 12 is perfect for the pizzaiolo looking for a more compact and less expensive oven.
  • The Koda 16 is perfect for the pizzaiolo looking for an oven with higher performance and more cooking space.

Portable Pizza Ovens for Experts
(or those who want the best of the best)

Ooni Pro 16 - Lapizzashop

For experts wanting to perfect the art of traditional pizza: the Ooni Karu 12 or its big brother the Ooni Pro 16.

The Ooni Karu 12 is THE most versatile small portable outdoor pizza oven, perfect for the curious pizzaiolo who wants to try everything.

You can fuel your oven with wood and/or charcoal for an even more authentic feel. And why not add a handful of pellets to give your fire its maximum power! Art doesn’t follow the rules, so why should you? And, as a bonus, you can even connect your oven to a propane tank on those evenings when you’re in the mood to relax. All you need is an Ooni propane adaptor.

Looking for a larger version to satisfy your pizzaiolo talents for longer and to experiment with cooking a multitude of different dishes with ease? Check out the Ooni Pro 16, the cream of the crop!

Find Pizza Oven Models at the Best Price

The Ooni Fyra 12 is by far one of the lightest and most affordable portable pizza ovens

Ooni Fyra 12

The Ooni Fyra 12 is by far one of the lightest and most affordable portable pizza ovens, so if you’re working with a limited budget, this is a great model to consider. It’s even more interesting given that it uses wood pellets. This fuel simplifies the pizza-baking process and provides a wood-fired result.

479,00 $

Only 4 left in stock

The Ooni Koda 12 is the most compact out of the two Koda gas ovens

Ooni Koda 12

The Ooni Koda 12 is the most compact out of the two Koda gas ovens, making it the superior choice if portability matters most to you. There’s also a rotary control knob for propane settings. This option allows for greater control and more flexibility.

49,00 $69,00 $

The Ooni Koda 16 is the largest of the two Koda gas ovens.

Ooni Koda 16

The Ooni Koda 16 is the largest of the two Koda gas ovens. It also features a rotary control knob to regulate the propane and an L-shaped burner for faster and more even cooking. The cooking surface on the baking stone also lets you cook larger pizzas to share.

799,00 $

Only 1 left in stock

Ooni Karu 12

Ooni Karu 12

The Ooni Karu 12 is the smallest of the two multi-fuel Ooni ovens. At only 26.5 lbs, it’s the option that’s the easiest to transport.

49,00 $69,00 $

Ooni Pro 16 - Lapizzashop

Ooni Pro 16

The Ooni Pro 16 compared to the others, is much heavier and offers a much larger cooking surface. When it comes to cooking other foods, the possibilities are endless.

49,00 $69,00 $

WPPO Peppe

WPPO Peppe

WPPO Peppe is an affordable 12” portable pizza oven, so if you’re working with a limited budget, this is a great option to consider. It also includes a built-in thermometer and a basic metal pizza peel.

49,00 $69,00 $

Bertello portable pizza oven

Bertello 12

Bertello is a 12” portable pizza oven that includes a propane adapter. It’s the perfect combo for those who can’t decide between propane or wood. It allows you to use both types of fuel separately and even at the same time.

49,00 $69,00 $

And If the Model of Your Dreams Is Not Available?

Then reach out to us!

We’ve acquired a great deal of expertise so we can advise you on other alternatives.

How can you get in touch? By email or phone.

In Conclusion: Why We Are So Passionate About Portable Pizza Ovens?

ThePizzaShop.ca is a way for us to share our passion with you: pizza in all its shapes and sizes. You don’t need to worry about sifting through dozens of brands or scouring each supplier’s website. We’ve already done all that sifting and scouring for you! We offer the best of the best, all under one roof. Plus, everything we carry has already been tested, whether its Gi. Metal, Ooni, Caputo, Bertello…

we make it a point to always give honest advice.

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