Caputo Mulino

Caputo Mulino is authenticity in a bag! How do they do it? Thanks to 3 generations of Neapolitan master millers spanning from 1924. Their delicious flour, available in more than 50 countries, is used by all kinds of great chefs AND amateurs alike. That means you!

The Caputo Method? Choose the best wheat according to the tradition of the ancient art of milling and respect the slow milling process. This method will provide you with top-quality flour all while preserving its flavor, starch, and organoleptic properties (everything that makes your taste buds happy!)

Caputo Mulino flour is also completely natural, without any artificial enzymes or additional additives. The company also participates in the Grano Nostrum project, which aims to increase the traceability and quality of the raw materials used, to certify a production process that’s 100% Italian.

The icing on the cake? Caputo Mulino flour is approved by the very prestigious AVPN (Approvato Vera Pizza Napoletana)!

farine caputo nuvola type 00
Farine de blé Classica Tipo 00 2,2 lbs (1 kg) – Caputo

Why does ThePizzaShop distribute Caputo Mulino?


Because Caputo Mulino is THE go-to when it comes to pizza flour. A little side note, Christiana, co-owner of, is gluten intolerant…yes, but she did indeed co-found THE one-stop online pizza shop! How did she do it? It’s all thanks to Caputo Mulino’s gluten-free flour.


After tests and tests of pizza made with senza glutine flour (always inedible), Christiana found that Caputo’s gluten-free flour is the one and only flour that allows her to live out her best pizza life. Try it and you’ll love it—just like all Caputo flour!

$ is the best Caputo Mulino distributer in Quebec and Canada. And since Caputo Mulino is not readily available in this country, that means with us, you avoid all the exorbitant customs and delivery fees, as well as the long wait times before finally receiving your order.

$ is also the only one-stop online pizza shop, in Quebec and Canada, for both amateurs and specialists alike.

Authentic Taste

Quality Ingredients

Variety Catered to Your Needs

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Conserving Caputo Mulino Flour

To increase the shelf-life of Caputo Molino flour, just follow these tips:

  • Freeze the flour for 48 hours
  • Place the flour in an airtight container and leave in a dry place at room temperature
  • Do not mix old flour with new flour, as this may reduce shelf-life

Christiana’s little trick

You can freeze or refrigerate your flour to keep it longer

But be careful! Before you use it in a recipe, it must be at room temperature. Keep it in an airtight container (to stop it from becoming humid) and let it return to room temperature.

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