New York style pizza

When Italians started immigrating to America, they took their beloved pizza with them to the United States. Most Italians started making pizzas in charcoal or gas ovens that weren’t as hot as wood ovens in Italy. This meant that the pizza needed more time to bake and the recipe had to be adjusted to the longer baking time. This is how New York pizza was born.

When you stretch a New York pizza, you will leave it slightly thicker than a Neapolitan or Roman pizza.

Cooking takes between 8 and 15 minutes.

A Neapolitan pizza would dry out during this period. The New Yorker doesn’t do it because of its key ingredients: oil and sugar. The oil protects the dough from drying out and the sugar helps the crust to brown more evenly, giving it more flavor.

Checkout our pizza dough calculator to get the perfect dough recipe for your New York style pizza!


  • Proofing at room temperature (min 6 – max 24 hours) or cold fermentation (min 8 – max 72 hours)
  • Oven temperature: 200 – 300 ° C / 400 – 580 ℉
  • Cooking time: 8 – 15 mins