Alfa Ciao – Extra-Large Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

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We love the Alfa Ciao because it’s light and manageable, and offers spectacular pizza (not to mention its yellow version, wow!).

Among each feature of this brilliant oven construction, we find :

  • Refractory brick baking surface: these provide superior heat absorption and retention, ideal for baking pizza like a real pizzaiolo.
  • Innovative design oven, the Ciao is composed of stainless steel parts and powder coated parts to better resist high temperatures.
  • Stainless steel roof to reach very high temperatures without consuming much wood.
  • Ergonomic wooden handle on the door to avoid burning.
  • Easy temperature control with the included thermometer.
  • Eyecup to monitor cooking even when the door is closed.
  • Easy to install: insert the chimney, screw on the legs and wheels and you’re done!

What are the advantages of fuel?

  • Wood: Authentic taste, stability and versatility – you can cook something other than pizza and still enjoy the great taste of wood fire

Alfa Ciao is an Italian wood-fired outdoor pizza oven only, for that smoky, traditional, 100% yummy taste we love.

It can cook 2 pizze at a time, and is ideal for dinners from 1 to 18 people. We appreciate its choice of colors and its designer look (Alfa’s Moderno line). Now we’re excited for you when we think of all the crusty wonders you’ll concoct!!! Don’t forget to invite us.

We can compare the Ciao to the 5 minuti. The difference? This one has a wider and higher opening. But no matter which Alfa oven you choose, you can cook pizza, bread, grills (meat, fish, vegetables), stews, roasts, and even desserts! And if you get the Alfa Ciao base, you can move your oven more easily with its large wheels. With the cover? You protect your oven from the elements.

The Alfa Ciao cannot be compared to our other brand ovens on the site: because like a traditional oven, the wood is placed directly next to your baking pizza, and not in a small separate compartment. Moreover, this one is not portable, unlike many other choices offered on

With Alfa, you are not mistaken. It is the most prestigious company on the market. All ovens are handmade in Italy since 40 years. The company is truly a pioneer in its art: innovation and craftsmanship are at the heart of its DNA.

To complete your shopping experience, discover the Alfa log rack (a must for wood cooking), the Alfa multifunction table and the sublime Alfa shovel set.

The perfect pizza oven for those who love design, taste and quality.
Not included: base, log holder and cover.
What you need to start as a pizza maker with the Alfa Ciao oven:
Alfa Professional Shovel Kit
Alfa log holder
Alfa Ciao cover

Specifications - Alfa Ciao

  • Difficulty level: easy
  • Can cook up to 3 pizzas at the same time
  • Cooking surface: 70 x 40 cm (27.5 x 15.7”)
  • Ignition type:
  • Preheating time: 10-20 minutes
  • Fuels : Wood
  • Maximal temperature: 500 °C (932 °F)
  • Materials: Furnace: iron sheet, stainless steel, ceramic fiber
  • Cooking surface: 4 refractory bricks with a thickness of about 3 cm
  • Weight and dimensions: 91.1x72x118 cm, 85,5 kg
  • Consumption: 2.5 kg/h 5.5 lbs/h
  • Base sold separatly

Accessories included

  • Cooking stone
  • Integrated thermometer

Care and caution

  • Outdoor use only
  • Alfa Ciao on wood is NOT compatible with natural gas. 
  • Do not place hot ashes in the trash. Allow ashes to cool completely before disposal. Please use appropriate containers for such waste.
Stone maintenance
  • Coloration: the surface of the stone will necessarily blacken (which gives a smoky taste that we love!)
  • Cleaning: Does your stone needs to be cleaned?
    • Let the high temperatures of the oven burn off any excess food
    • Use A brush to remove stubborn residues directly in the oven
    • If necessary: wipe with a dry cloth to remove dust (no water or soap!)

Manufacturer's warranty

Manufacturer's warranty: 2 ans directement avec Alfa.

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