Basic starter kit for 12” or 16” pizza oven

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The basic starter kit for 12” and 16” or larger pizza ovens is THE essential base for *every* pizza lover.

For each pizza oven, you must equip yourself with a pizza peel, a turning peel and a a stone brush!

In addition, you make 3 stones 1 shot by saving 15 to 20% thanks to the kit. Isn’t life beautiful?

The kit is also an excellent gift idea. We explain why the three accessories are musts for any amateur and pizza maker.

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Included in your kit

Rectangular perforated aluminum pizza peel

Our house brand, perfect for those looking for good value for money! A pizza shovel is a must for depositing and removing your pizza from the oven. And the perforated aluminum model is the best; the perforations prevent the dough from sticking and lets the excess flour escape (goodbye burnt crust!). The material is also lighter, durable and easier to clean than wood. The handle is 24”.

More details Aluminum Perforated Turning Pizza Peel

Once again, our baby by! Hello quality and ease for the wallet. A turning peel is a must-have for all pizza lovers. Why? Well, by turning the pizza halfway through cooking directly in the oven, you get a faster, equally and crispy crust. The neck is 24”.

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brosse pierre four pizza

Stone brush

For the maintenance of your pizza oven, we equip ourselves with a good stone brush. Almost as important as your toothbrush, it's as important as your barbecue brush! It allows you to remove the accumulated residue from your last pizza night (and between cooking the pizze!).

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