Bertello Grande 16 – Large multi-fuel portable pizza oven

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We love the Bertello Grande 16 for its great versatility at a lower price than other models in its category, like the Ooni Karu 16.

Fuel sources: Wood, wood pellets, charcoal, propane (propane burner included)
Cooking surface: 16″ (width) x 16″ (depth)
Preheat time: Minimum 20 minutes
Max temperature: 500°C (930°F)

Perfect pizza oven for the curious and adventurous outdoor chefs, who want to try out all the cooking options at the SAME time!


Introducing the Bertello Grande 16 – the ultimate portable multifuel pizza oven (propane, wood, charcoal, pellets) for the pizza lover who loves making big pies!

Cooking outdoors just got a whole lot better with the Bertello Grande 16! This portable pizza oven has all the features you need to make delicious pizzas up to 16” in size. Plus, you can switch between using propane, wood, charcoal, and pellets, giving you the ultimate freedom to cook with whatever fuel you prefer. And with its propane adapter included, you can even do two at the same time!

But what are the advantages of this multi-fuel oven?

You heard us ! You can choose what’s best for your recipe! Charcoal/wood gives you that authentic taste and stable heat, pellets give you that authentic taste with intense heat, and propane gives you ease and quickness. Feeling bold? Use them all at the same time. That is what makes this pizza oven unique!

And the best part? Bertello doesnt have a chimney, making it much easier to transport. It might be portable but it sure packs a punch! You get an oven that can reach up to 500°C (930°F) in less than 20 minutes, so you know it‘ll get the job done. Plus, you get a really, really great value for your money with all the included features

A stone brush or protective gloves, with that?

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