Breville Crispy Crust™ – Small Electric Pizza Oven

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We love this oven for its low price. Not to mention its little window that lets us monitor the baking process without having to lift the lid.

  • Combustible : electric
  • Cooking surface: 12″
  • Can cook pizzas up to 12″ in 8-10 minutes
  • Max temperature: 750°F

The perfect pizza oven for the thrifty pizzaiolo who loves to cook in the comfort of their own home!

Breville Crispy Crust™ Pizza maker - Petit four à pizza portatif électriqueThe Breville Crispy Crust™ Pizza Maker is a small portable electric (and indoor!) pizza oven that’s perfect for the beginner pizzaiolo looking to cook in the comfort of their own home.

Say goodbye to propane, charcoal, or pellets: just plug this oven into the wall and you’re all set! You can make delicious 10” or 12” pizzas even when it’s -30° outside!

What are the benefits of using electricity as a fuel?

  • Easy to use
  • Heat stability
  • No need to buy more fuel
  • Allows for indoor use of oven

Also, its baking stone can reach 572° F (300° C). That’s higher than a conventional oven, but lower than other pizza ovens that can reach 400° or 500° C, like its comrade the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo.

The Breville Crispy Crust™ also offers different settings to control the temperature based the thickness of your pizza. And don’t forget that little window we love so much, which lets us watch our pizza bake in real time!

This oven is great for anyone looking to test their skills and make sure they love the pizza life before investing more money later. Just be sure to take these few things into account:

  • This oven is only for making thin or medium crust pizzas (be careful not to add toppings that are too thick, or your pizza will stick to the top!).
  • You’ll have to wait longer than other pizza ovens (30 minutes to preheat and 8 to 10 minutes to bake).

Not in the mood to freeze during winter? Or to put a dent in your wallet? The Breville Crispy Crust™ Pizza Maker is just what you need!

Now, from the warmth of your own home, you can create pizzas that look exactly like a Neapolitan seaside pizza. And how about a few toppings to go with that?

Tech specs - Breville Crispy Crust™

  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Can cook pizzas up to 12" in 8-10 minutes
  • Cooking surface: 12”
  • Ignition: automatic
  • Preheat time: 30 minutes
  • Combustible : electric
  • Power supply: 1200 watts
  • Voltage: 110-120 volts
  • Parameter: preheat, thin, medium, thick crust & keep warm
  • Max temperature: 572°F
  • Materials: metallic powder coating
  • Dimensions and weight: 12,2 x 19,1 x 14,4 cm

Accessories included

  • 12” pizza baking stone

Maintenant and safety precautions


1 year directly with Breville.

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