Chili Pepper Olive Oil (250 ml) – Delizie di Calabria

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Delizie di Calabria’s chili pepper olive oil is perfect for those who like to add a little piccante kick to their pizza.

Just imagine: a molto calda margherita pizza with mozzarella, basilico, and homemade tomato sauce, topped with just a few drops of this spicy olive oil.

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We love this chili pepper olive oil because it packs some heat (but not too much)—you’re sure to love it!

Everyone will love it! ThePizzaShop owners say that it’s not too spicy, but that it instead gives warmth and depth to the pizza.

This authentic and delicate olive oil has a medium-sized kick that’s sure to please more than one type of palate. The Calabrian peppers provide an explosion of flavor that we just love!

Looking for a classic olive oil instead? It’s right here.

This chili pepper oil is perfect for adding a little kick to your pizza!


  • 250 ml

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