Extra Spicy Fuoco d’Amore Peppers (180g or 950g) – Delizie di Calabria

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Delizie di Calabria’s Fuoco d’Amore extra hot chili pepper sauce is sure to set your mouth on fire!

Just to give you an idea, this company groups their sauces into four different categories: medium, hot, extra hot, and extra extra hot. This sauce has been placed into the “extra hot” category. If you’re looking for something with (a little) less of a kick, try their Bomba dell’Amore hot chili pepper sauce.

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Alexandre et Christiana proprios de Lapizzashop.ca

We love this sauce for its great intensity. (Watch out! For extreme spicy food lovers only.)

Chili peppers are often eaten raw, added to pizzas after they’ve finished baking and are on your plate. There’s nothing better than a good margherita pizza topped with a mouth-watering piccante sauce!

This extra hot Calabrian chili pepper sauce is sure to enhance the flavor of any pizza or dish and will keep you nice and toasty. It all depends on your love of fuoco.

We also think you should try ‘nduja, a great Calabria classic. On that note, we wish you a nice and sizzling pizza party!

The perfect sauce for a spicy and explosive pizza party filled with fuoco!


  • 180g

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