Infrared thermometer for pizza oven

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Infrared thermometer with smart sensor lets you say goodbye, half-baked pizza crust! With this great tool, you can know exactly when your pizza oven stone is hot enough to cook your dough like the big. And what’s more, it’s easy as pie!

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Alexandre et Christiana Lapizzashop owners

We love the thermometer for its resistance (up to 900°F) and its temperature measurement in seconds for perfectly cooked pizzas!

Indeed, the infrared thermometer – with laser pointer – measures the temperature in seconds and goes up to 900°F (ideal for your pizza oven!). The thermometer is *essential* for wood, coal and pellet ovens, since their heat is more complicated to control.

For propane ovens, it is not mandatory, but can be convenient. It’s up to you! In any case, the thermometer makes it possible to be more precise, regardless of the oven, and this, especially when it is colder.

For some of our ovens (like WPPO Le Peppe and  Ooni Pro 16, a conventional thermometer is included).

That said, for others, it is not, so we strongly encourage you to equip yourself with it. It’s the case for :

Now all you have to do is point directly at the baking stone, and it’s around 400°C (752°F) for the perfect pizza that cooks in 60 seconds.

Batteries are not included.
Please do not point the eyes directly.
Industrial infrared thermometer, do not use for temperature on humans!

THERMOMETER perfect to guarantee THE optimal temperature before putting your pizza in the oven.


  • Name: GM320S infrared thermometer
  • Materials: ABS
  • Measurement: -50 ~ 600 ° C / -58 ~ 1122 ° F
  • Accuracy: ± 1,5 ° C / ± 1,5%
  • Resolution: 0,1 ° C (0,1 ° F)
  • Response time and length: 500ms 8-14μm
  • Power supply: 2 piles AAA 3 V (not included)
  • Item size: 140 * 70 * 27mm
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year with

Maintenance and safety precautions

  • Batteries are not included.
  • Do not point eyes directly.
  • Industrial infrared thermometer, do not use for temperature on humans!

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