La Carmela 28 oz Whole Peeled Italian Tomatoes

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La Carmela 28 oz whole peeled tomatoes (for 5-7 12” pizzas) are 100% Italian. Yes, they come directly from the Bel Paese!

To be precise, they come from Nocera, in Campania. (Google it, you will not be disappointed). And with the gorgeous look of their cans, could they be any more vintage?

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We love La Carmela’s whole peeled tomatoes for their great price and authentic Italian flavor.

Can’t decide between whole or crushed tomatoes? We’ve got you covered. Although whole tomatoes require an extra step (crushing), they are recommended by all the top chefs. And they’re definitely worth the extra work. However, you do end up saving time with crushed tomatoes because you don’t have that extra step. In either case, you won’t need to wait for them to simmer! Best way to decide? Test out both versions and see which one you like better.

For a great homemade pizza sauce with your La Carmela whole tomatoes, simply follow these steps:

  1. Combine the olive oil, salt, and a spoonful of whole tomatoes in the blender (you may also want to add garlic, oregano, chili flakes, sugar, and a bit of tomato paste to taste).
  2. Blend.
  3. Add the rest of the tomatoes and blend again (not too long to avoid removing too much water from the tomatoes).
  4. Enjoy!

*For a little less acidity, be prepared to add more sugar to the tomatoes as nothing was added during the canning process: just tomatoes, tomato juice and basta.

Now all that’s left standing between you and a happy stomach full of pizza is the farina or flour.

The perfect tomatoes for a pizza party at home for the entire famiglia!


  • 28 oz / 794 g

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