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Thepizzashop perforated aluminum turning peel (wooden or aluminum handle) offers you the best of both worlds: quality and a price that doesn’t hurt the wallet too much. Yes, it’s our brand House. What a pleasure to offer you products made by Thepizzashop!

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Alexandre et Christiana Lapizzashop owners

We like the peel for its perforations and its low price.

A turning peel is a must for all pizza lovers; she delights you with a perfect pizza down to the last detail. How? ‘Or’ What? By turning your pizza halfway through cooking, directly from the oven, you get faster, even cooking and a better pizz in the mouth. Using it still takes a bit of practice, but after 2-3 pizzas, you’ll no doubt become a pro! We like this perforated version, because the dough sticks less to it.

Taking the pizza out of the oven while baking and then turning it is not recommended. Why? Because it makes him lose a lot of heat, and therefore, the result is not as good. What if you don’t spin it at all? The cooking will be less homogeneous (read: burnt on one side…!).

You have the choice between a 12” wooden handle and a 12” or 24” aluminum handle. The 12” version is ideal for small ovens. The 14”, for larger and deeper ovens. Wood or aluminum? It’s really to taste. The wooden one is also cheaper.

This tool does not allow you to put your pizza in the oven or take it out of the oven. For that, equip yourself with the Thepizzashop pizza peel.

Perfect PEEL for a top quality/price ratio.


  • Materials: Aluminum with wooden or aluminum handle
  • Dimensions:  handle length 12 or 24"
  • <lManufacturer's warranty: 1 year with

Maintenance and safety precautions

Dishwasher safe or clean with warm water and mild soap.

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