Turpone mini (combo peel included) – Small portable propane pizza oven

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We love Turpone mini for its unique rotating stone that cooks perfect pizzas without the need to turn them during cooking!

  • Fuel : Propane (12 000 BTU)
  • Cooking surface: rotative stone 12″
  • Preheat time: minimum 20 minutes
  • Max temperature: 500 °C (930°F)

Small portable pizza oven perfect for pizzalovers who want an evenly cooked experience every time with its rotating stone!

Turpone mini is THE most userfriendly portable propane pizza oven for the pizzaloving precisionist who loves convenience.

This pizza oven is equipped with a battery-powered rotating stone that makes cooking easier by evenly distributing heat for the perfect crisp every time.

That‘s where it really excels (for 12 pizzas only). Say goodbye to burnt toppings and undercooked crusts!

And like most ovens on, Turpone mini can reach temperatures up to 500 °C (930°F) in under 20 minutes. You‘ll get unbeatable results every time! Outstanding performance and ease of use at an affordable price, what more could you ask for?

Anyone said pizza sauce?

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