Gozney ARC XL – Propane pizza oven

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We love the Gozney ARC XL for its revolutionary design! A home pizza oven with the look of a professional oven!

Make wood-fired cooking easy with the Dome, the world’s most versatile outdoor oven. Enjoy a professional quality outdoor oven designed to work effortlessly for beginners and exceptionally well for chefs. Roast, smoke, steam or bake. Super fast or slow. A wood-fired adventure every time.

Perfect pizza oven for pizza lovers who want the most for their money!

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Gozney pizza ovens are finally available in Canada! Thepizzashop.ca becomes the first Canadian retailer to sell the beautiful ARC’ ARC XL, Dome and Roccbox!

We believe that cooking over a wood fire is the best for taste and experience. However, propane gas is definitely the fastest and easiest way to use your pizza oven, summer or winter! In addition to being designed for wood, the Gozney Dome offers the convenience of a built-in gas burner, allowing you to easily switch between fuels and reach 950°F – all with the turn of a dial. The Gozney Dome is not a portable oven. Looking for a portable solution? Go for its little brother the Gozney Roxxbox portable pizza oven!

Key Features

  • Digital Thermometer: Trust the accurate temperature reading throughout the process, including two built-in meat probes so you know when your steak is ready to eat.
  • Innovative ventilation: Regulate the flow of air circulating under your wood fire to control the heat from start to finish.
  • Unbeatable heat retention: The 30mm stone floor and dense cavity insulation allow you to reach higher temperatures, faster, and retain that heat longer.
  • Steam Injector: Create more moisture in the oven when baking bread. This means longer rising dough and even crisper crusts. Available as an additional accessory.
  • Quick-connect accessory port: Whether it’s a cold smoking accessory or an automated pellet burner, easily insert a range of innovative accessories into the docking station.
  • GozneyShield™: Use outdoors year-round with our ceramic-bonded exterior coating – extra durable, water resistant and UV stable.

What you need to get started as a pizza maker with the Gozney Dome oven: The Gozney Dome Base

  • Gozney Dome Cover
  • The Gozney Dome Pizza Peel
  • The Gozney Dome Pizza Shovel

Why choose Gozney?

  • Unmatched performance: All Gozney products are professional quality and designed without compromise to achieve the best possible cooking results.
  • Ease of use: With a Gozney, cooking over a wood fire is a breeze. Gozney takes care of the engineering so you can enjoy the cooking.
  • Unbeatable versatility: Roast, smoke, steam or bake. Super fast or slow. A wood-fired adventure, every time.
  • The best warranty on the market: 5 years warranty! Doesn’t that prove that Gozney believes in its products?


The dome can be used indoors, on propane only, if the room is properly ventilated. For a guide on how to properly vent the Gozney Dome, please download it here. Please note that these are tips only. Always check local codes and regulations before purchase and use.  


  • Can cook ONE 16" pizza in 60-90 seconds after a 20 minute preheat
  • Cooking surface: 60×40 cm (23.6 x 15.7”)
  • Fuel type: wood and propane
  • Type of ignition: manual (wood) and automatic (propane)
  • Preheating time: 20 minutes
  • Fuels : Wood or propane
  • Maximal temperature: 950 °F
  • Exterior dimensions : 26" H x 24,8" P x 28,8" L
  • Interior dimensions : 7,5" H x 18,5" P x 21,6" L
  • Opening : Oven opening measures 5.1 inches high and 16.1 inches wide.
  • Weight : Oven only 128lb / In its packaging 150lb
  • Cooking surface : 30mm cordierite stone
  • Insulation : Non-carcinogenic, water-soluble insulation made from calcium magnesium silicate fibers

Accessories included

  • Removable chimney and cap
  • Cooking stone
  • Digital thermometer, display unit and batteries
  • Dock and accessory port
  • 2 temperature probes to check internal food temperatures
  • Manual air control module and ash pan
  • Manual
  • Integrated burner and gas regulator
  • Ignition and flame control dial
  • 1 x stone floor washer to switch from wood to gas
**Please note that the Dome will be shipped with version 1 of the ashtray module, which does not include a dial on the faceplate. Gozney will ship version 2 of the ashtray to all customers as soon as production is complete.

Care and caution

  • Outdoor use only or see instructions for indoor use with propane
  • Do not place hot ashes in the trash. Allow ashes to cool completely before disposal. Please use appropriate containers for such waste.
Stone maintenance
  • Coloration: the surface of the stone will necessarily blacken (which gives a smoky taste that we love!))
  • Cleaning: your stone needs cleaning?
    • Let the high temperatures of the oven burn off any excess food
    • Use a brush to remove stubborn residues directly in the oven
    • If necessary: wipe with a dry cloth to remove dust (no water or soap!)

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 5 years directly with Gozney.

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