Sicilian Pizza

Also known as sfincione, focaccia, thick crust, deep dish or pan-fried pizza

Sicilian pizza is a very versatile pizza that has many different names, depending on the region, city or country where it is made. Although the name and garnishes can vary widely, the basics remain the same.

These pizzas have a thicker, softer and more bread-like texture than Neapolitan, Roman or New York pizza. They are cooked in a saucepan or baking sheet heavily coated with olive oil. As the oil heats up in the oven, it will fry the base of the pizza, making it super crisp and delicious.

Checkout our pizza dough calculator to get the perfect dough recipe for your Sicilian pizza!


  • Proofing at room temperature (min 6 – max 24 hours) or cold fermentation (min 8 – max 72 hours)
  • Oven temperature: 250 – 280 ° C / 480 – 540 ℉
  • Cooking time: 15 – 20 min