Alfa Moderno 2 Pizze – Hybrid pizza oven

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We love the Alfa Moderno Portable because it moves easily with its weight of only 77 lbs!!!

A true Neapolitan pizza oven that combines technology and design for a weight of only 77 pounds. In 20 minutes it reaches 1000° F, allowing you to cook a real Neapolitan pizza in just 90 seconds, wherever you are. With the available carrying case, it can be taken anywhere the party starts.

Like all Alfa ovens, it features the innovative Heat GeniusTM technology that guarantees superior performance while optimizing consumption.

What are the advantages of each fuel?

  • Wood: Authentic taste, stability and versatility – you can cook something other than pizza and still enjoy the great taste of wood fire
  • Propane: Easy and quick to use

Perfect pizza oven for pizza lovers who want to take their crust to the next level.

Alfa One – Extra-Large Outdoor Charcoal, Pellet, and Wood-Fired Pizza Oven















Alfa Nano/One is an outdoor pizza oven offering the option of wood or propane.

It is the smallest of the Alfa ovens: it cooks one pizza at a time compared to the others that can cook 2, 3, 4 and even 5 pizze at the same time. Alfa Nano takes up less space and is the most mobile of the Alfa ovens. It allows you to enjoy the quality of the brand at a better price. Perfect for pizza-deliziosa parties of 1 to 10 people.

You can choose between two models: wood OR propane, depending on what you prefer. Wood is for the authentic taste. Propane? For dolce vita simplicity. Equip yourself with the Alfa Nano base, and move it more easily around your property. You can also get the cover to keep your oven looking great.

If you choose the wood version, you can’t compare it to our other brands on because like a traditional oven, the wood is placed directly next to your pizza that’s baking, not in a little compartment on the side. It’s pretty much the mini version of a real pizza maker’s oven. If you’re looking for something a little bigger, go for its big brother the Alfa 5 Minuti.

Alfa quality is top notch (the best on the market), but as you can see, it comes at a price. Because Alfa doesn’t copy the competition: it’s the others who copy! The company is at the forefront of efficiency, innovation, performance, technique and, let’s face it, elegance. All ovens are handmade in Italy, since 40 years.

You can also wash your eyes with the professional shovel kit and the Alfa multifonction table. That’s it, you’ve got your own mini-resto.

What you need to get started as a pizza maker with the Alfa Nano oven:

Not included: Alfa Nano base and cover




























  • Difficulty level: easy
  • Can cook ONE 12" pizza in 60-90 seconds after preheating for 10-20 minutes
  • Cooking surface: 60×40 cm (23.6 x 15.7”)
  • Ignition type: manual (wood) and automatic (propane)
  • Preheating time: minimum 10 to 20 minutes
  • Fuels : Wood/coal/granules or propane (depending on the version selected)
  • Maximal temperature: 500 °C (932 °F)
  • Materials: Oven: sheet iron, stainless steel, ceramic fiber. cooking surface : 4 refractory bricks with a thickness of about 3 cm
  • Weight and dimensions: Wood: 73x55x105 cm, 50 kg
  • Propane: 73 x 55 x 105 cm, 54 kg
  • Consumption: 2.5 kg/h 5.5 lbs/h (wood), 0.58 kg/h 1.8lb/h (propane)

Accessories included

  • Cooking stone
  • Small 10" perforated metal pizza peel
  • Thermometer
  • Propane burner (for the propane version)
  • Log holder (for the wood version) to avoid overloading the oven with wood, and thus, better manage the food during cooking
  • Base sold separately Cover sold separately

Care and caution

  • Outdoor use only
  • Alfa Nano/One wood burning is NOT compatible with natural gas. The propane version is compatible with propane and natural gas (burner included).
  • Do not place hot ashes in the trash. Allow ashes to cool completely before disposal. Please use appropriate containers for such waste.
Stone maintenance
  • Coloration: the surface of the stone will necessarily blacken (which gives a smoky taste that we love!))
  • Cleaning: your stone needs cleaning?
    • Let the high temperatures of the oven burn off any excess food
    • Use a brush to remove stubborn residues directly in the oven
    • If necessary: wipe with a dry cloth to remove dust (no water or soap!)

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 2 ans directly with Alfa.

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